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This blog is where I write about some of the Continuing Professional Development I undertake.  I hope you find it interesting, useful and informative.

Emotional Incest

By natahicks, Oct 18 2019 07:23PM

What do you know about emotional abuse in the form of enmeshment? Having an invasive parent and being a ‘chosen child’ are the hallmarks of a form of ‘emotional incest’. It’s similar to being the favourite but feeling guilty for it. It’s a type of ‘positive neglect’ whereby one’s own needs are never really understood or met. The psychological implications are anxiety and/or depression that impact upon personal relationships caused by not really knowing who we are or what or who works for us as we have been so used to being ‘rewarded’ for putting the needs of a parent before our own.

Contact me if this resonates with you and you would like to explore this concept in more depth, as a means to achieving positive change.

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